OMN: Announcement (August 3, 2017)


On its  regular meeting held on July 29, 2017, the Oromia Media Network (OMN) Board of Trustees (BOT) selected seven (7) new members to serve on the board for the next two years.

The Board’s Trusteeship  Standing Committee, as stipulated under OMN bylaw article 7.1 (Adopted in 2014), worked with local support chapters to identify individuals for consideration to later be presented to the Board for approval. The Board unanimously approved the nominees presented. The Board is delighted to welcome these new members.

The following individuals have taken office effective August 1, 2017.

1. Mr. Feleke Bogale ( Ottawa, Canada)

2. Dr. Berhanu Temesgen ( Bay Area, California)

3. Mr. Salahadin Mussa ( Saudi Arabia)

4. Mr. Yahya Jamal ( Cairo, Egypt)

5. Mr. Jafer Ali ( Sweden)

6. Dr. Gutu Olana ( Finland)

7. Mr. Bizuwork Zewde-Balla ( Minnesota)

The OMN bylaws states the BOT shall have a minimum of 4 and no more than 17 members. The existing members are;

1. Dr. Ahmad Galchu ( Chairman) – Vancouver, Canada

2. Mr. Kitaba Magarsa ( Secretary)- Toronto, Canada

3. Dr. Nuru Said- Perth, Australia

4. Dr. Demissew Ejara- Connecticut, USA

5. Dr. Sufian Mohammed- Berlin, Germany

6. Mr. Issa Ullo- Seattle, USA

7. Mr. Abdulfattah Wadai- Melbourne, Australia

8. Mr. Shukri Kassim- Oslo, Norway

9. Dr. Bekele Gebremariam, Netherlands

Additionally, the Board also extended Executive Director Jawar Mohammed’s contract by two years.

The Board welcomes the the incoming members and expresses its heartfelt gratitude their willingness to take on this noble obligation.

Kitaba Magarsa
Board Secretary
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